"Open your WINGS and fly with US !"

Martina a Marian BW cover

 this is Martina and Marian from Bohemian Wings Travel. 

We love to travel and experience new places, costumes, traditions, different food and all other things that come along with it.

We believe that personal experiences separate us from other agencies, and we would like to offer them to you.

We come from a small country often called the heart of Europe - Czech Republic.

We have always been very active in Czech-Bohemian-American community because we think that it is very important to follow and know our roots, and where we came from. 

Because of our bohemian background we would like to introduce Czech Republic to all who like to explore and experience its loveliness and also help people to find and follow their roots.
Same way we would like to create a two way bridge and connect both sides and present the unbridled beauty of United States.

Our goal is that your dream vacation come through in every single small detail !


" Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer "