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Romana and Vladimir Kralovi

Great vacation with excellent tour guide.

We have traveled to Chicago on 09/19/ 2018 until 9/25 2018. Since we don’t speak much English we were little bit afraid of this tour. We have lost all our worries very shortly thanks to our tour guide Marian Hajda from the Bohemian Wings Travel. He presented the City of Chicago to us with such a great way and passion that we couldn’t done this on our own.

He took us also to a museum of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee which was such a great and fun experience that there was absolutely nothing to add to it.

Marian is not only a tour guide, he makes you feel like you are the best friends and know each other for long time. We would love to explore the other places of United States with this nice man who has a positive spirit all the time.

We warmly recommend Bohemian Wings Travel, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks to them we had felt in USA like we would be in our homeland country and that is the most important thing.

Best regards,

Romana and Vlada Kral






Erika Hutyra

I found the service and response of this travel agency to be excellent. I booked 8 days RV trip for my family and asked them for recommendations since they are very experienced travelers in USA or Europe. The itinerary that they prepared was fantastic !!! Very nice, kind and professional group of people ! We couldn't be more happier and satisfied with service. Will for sure travel with them again!








Jana Hofmannova

Úžasná pomoc při plánování cest po USA. Díky této cestovce jsme projeli velkou cast Ameriky a narodnich parku. Yellowstone, Utah, Californii, narodni park Glacier, Yosemity, obrovske Sequoie, narodni park Olympic, Colorado... Nejde nedoporucit! Děkuji za nezapomenutelné zážitky 🙂








Carl Fornia H

I hired the Bohemian Wings Travel agency for my motorcycle road trip which was my dream for many years and I finally pull the plug and did it.
I was always interested in American “Wild West”:) and the great scenery of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas.As I was searching for who would by the best provider and outfitter for me I found Bohemian Wings travel agency and gave it a try..!!
What they did was amazing..!!
They not only planned the whole trip but they managed to give me a guide for the whole trip.He knew all the roads and all parks along the way.I experienced great service, professional and excellent communication ,and we also become friends for life because I will travel with them again in the near future my bucket list is long and life is short.❤️
















Our costumers from Headquarters of Czech GOOD YEAR company
" Tak jsme nasedli do autobusu a vyjizdime smer letiste. Bylo to tu super a zabava. Diky moc za vsechno !!! Boris a team "
" Got on bus, heading to Airport. It was great and fun, thanks for everything. Boris and team. "