Czech Food and Drink


On many of your requests We will add time to time traditional Czech recipes, that you have place where you can always find them and please your family and friends with great Czech-Bohemian food.


Czech cuisine is not exactly a synonym for healthy cooking, but everybody will probably find some meals they'll love. It may be the potato soup, the traditional roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, the fruit filled dumplings, or the apple strudel.


Czech cooking and eating habits have been shifting towards a healthier lifestyle, but traditional Czech recipes are still very popular - and those tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar. Sauces and condiments are popular. Below are some Czech food staples:

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Anyone would like us to share this very easy Bohemian Wings bread recipe? 😉

BREAD is a foundation of the Czech cuisine and the oldest tradition. Bread and salt tradition is still practiced in the Czech Republic (chléb a sůl) and Slovakia (chlieb a soľ) for special occasions, for example, when presidents from other countries are visiting.
Have a great weekend everyone …..full of goodies!

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MARIAN'S POTATO PANCAKES  ( in Czech known as “bramboráky” or locally “cmunda” or “sejkory”) are fried potato pancakes made of thin shredded potatoes with special ingredients accompanied by Czech beer !

I simply love BRAMBORAKY and we always have fun preparing them with friends.

Love them with garlic and some bacon.

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Who likes Valassky Frgal? 
My very 1st Attempt to make one. you can do it ! It is delicious!


Yes, it is true. Talk to any old Moravian grandmother and she’ll tell you that the Wallachian delicacy known as Valašský frgál was originally an unsuccessful koláč, a mistake.


Moravian Wallachia is a mountainous region located in the easternmost part of Moravia in the Czech Republic, near the Slovak border. This is where the Valašský frgál originated. These days, the delicious pastries are exported all over the world.

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Probably everyone is familiar with the old Bohemian proverb about St. Martin arriving on white horse; a day when field works finish and wintertime begins. But not so many already know how lively and cheerful that feast used to be and that it gave rise to another saying: “On St. Martin Day smoke is coming out of the chimney”. Yet another saying warns that those who do not taste St. Martin goose that day will starve for the whole next year.
Indeed, St. Martin Day menu was dominated by goose – besides roasted goose there was also kaldoun (special soup with goose giblets) and famous goose liver. Traditionally, roast goose used to be made with caraway and cabbage (a recipe which has remained until present). According to another old Bohemian recipe goose can also be stuffed with apples, as you might see below. 

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